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NBIMS v4 Survey Respondents Want an Accessible and Easy-to-Reference Standard
The National Institute of Building Sciences Building Information Management (BIM) Council has released the results of its NBIMS v4 Publishing and Formatting Survey. The survey was distributed to NIBS members and the general public during the month of June 2021. The main takeaway: Respondents want a National BIM Standard that will be easy to use… more
Resilience 2021: The Case for Resiliency in the Wildland-Urban Interface
The latest United Nations report on climate change has made one thing clear– something must be done. Rising temperatures and an increase in drought frequency mean wildfires will continue to threaten our communities year-round. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, there are wildfires across 15 states in the U.S. There have been 107… more
Dana Kennish “Deke” Smith, FbSI, FAIA Emeritus
Members like Dana Kennish “Deke” Smith, FbSI, FAIA Emeritus, embrace the unique opportunities that the National Institute of Building Sciences was provided in its enabling legislation. NIBS was established by Congress in the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, Public Law 93-383. Congress recognized the need for an organization to serve… more
Supporting the Built Environment Workforce on the Nation’s Existing Buildings
With more than 5.6 million commercial buildings and 118 million housing units in the United States, existing buildings are a key asset to the nation. But as the needs of society shift, policymakers, building tenants and owners place increased emphasis on the performance of buildings, including sustainability, health and resilience. The existing… more
John Messner
The National Institute of Building Sciences provides members with the opportunity to make an impact on the industry. “The first impact is really in the research area that we focus on related to information technology to improve the built environment,” says John Messner, Director of Computer Integrated Construction with Penn State University. “We’… more