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Strategic Planning

The four walls that you surround yourself with – whether it’s your home, office or out in your community – need to be safe, structurally sound and sustainable.

The National Institute of Building Sciences brings together industry experts in building science, construction and government to lead conversations and find solutions for the built environment.

In 2019, the NIBS Board of Directors developed a new three-year vision, mission and strategic plan to help guide the organization.


To serve the public interest by advancing building science and technology to improve the built environment.


Improving lives through collaboration to integrate science into the built environment.


The Strategic Plan includes four major categories, each with a separate goal and multiple objectives to achieve maximum impact on the built environment.

Practice Integration

The goal of practicing integration is to facilitate cooperation across industry segments to integrate science and technology into the built environment. This will require fostering collaboration among influential people, public and private organizations, industry associations, academic institutions, and federal agencies, including policy makers and thought leaders. It also will require developing a partnership strategy that fosters engagement with NIBS stakeholders.

Operation Excellence

NIBS aims to enhance its organizational norms and expectations to drive efficiency and effectiveness. The approach is four-pronged: diversifying the organization’s business model; enhancing communication of outcomes, impact and value to increase awareness and adoption of innovative solutions; evaluating our programs to maximize stakeholder engagement and perceived value; and validating and enhancing a pricing strategy for products and services. 


The goal is to foster new ways to deliver solutions for those who work, manage, and drive performance and sustainability in the built environment. The keys to this innovation involve advancing ideas within the building industry through solution-driven research. Reinvigorating our councils and committees to serve as centers of innovation also is a crucial step in this part of the strategic plan.

Research & Data

The best research leverages evidence and information to advance the national dialogue on building sciences and technology. Successfully sharing research requires translating data to support the application of research findings within the built environment and developing and promoting research that supports science and technology.

Next Steps

With these actions, NIBS will achieve broader recognition as a trusted, unbiased convener of government and industry officials to come together as partners. NIBS also will achieve greater balance: A more diversified and balanced portfolio of programs, products and services and sustainable business model that provides flexibility for the organization to carry out mission-driven activities.