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Sponsorship Opportunities
Building Innovation 2022

There is no other place where everyone who impacts the built environment comes together to find solutions. This year, BI2022 is even bigger. Anyone within the building industry is invited to attend. Sessions will cover a spectrum of developments in the areas of workforce, technology, resilience, and the challenges that COVID-19 brings to the built environment.

Why sponsor? As the premier event that brings together executives and top decision-makers in government, the professions, industry, labor and private sector, this is the place to showcase your company’s innovative products and services. Building Innovation 2022 will be virtual for another year, which means more attendees, a broader reach and the opportunity to connect with thousands. Don’t miss your opportunity to tap into a greater audience seeking the latest trends in technology, sustainability and resilience, to be used in buildings and communities around the world.


Infrastructure 2022: Virtual Event Series

The National Institute of Building Sciences continues its mission to provide an open forum for discussion among the various facets of the building sector. Last year, despite lingering challenges with COVID and in-person meetings, NIBS found a solution and launched the year-long virtual Resilience 2021 series. Our subject matter experts looked at everything from natural disaster mitigation and the pandemic’s impact on technology in the built environment to building information modeling.

Thank you to our Sponsor


BIM Council

The BIM Council is an alliance of all those who are willing to contribute their time and talent toward improving the entire facilities industry. We want information to flow from authoritative sources to end users at every phase of the project. To accomplish this, we need support from individuals, companies, agencies, sponsors and donors. 

The National Institute of Building Sciences provides the infrastructure for us to develop the overarching standards needed to reach across the industry as no other organization can. To develop specific aspects of the transformation and pull together all the pieces requires great effort and resources: We know what needs to be done, but we need your help as sponsors of the Council to ensure success. This year, we are launching the next version of the National BIM Standard-United States, Version 4 so your sponsorship will be crucial in contributing to the efforts these key influencers will work on throughout the year.

Sponsored by Autodesk, GSANBBJU.S. State Dept. and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


This year-long sponsorship of the National Institute of Building Sciences Board of Directors allows exclusive access to the leaders of the industry who come from all areas of the built environment. Not only will you exclusively network with the Board members at various NIBS meetings and events throughout the year, you will come to the table to discuss various issues, speak about how your company’s products and services can benefit the industry, new initiatives, and the many businesses run by the Board members.


Women Executives in Building Leadership Series

Women in trades are daring the rest of us to confront stereotypes that still hold women back. Powerful women defying the odds in a predominantly male industry need to align to increase awareness of labor shortages and lack of diversity.  

In these challenging and unprecedented times, women executives in the built environment must come together, support each other and share our thoughts and ideas on how we are providing value. Many are working from home, managing and keeping teams inspired and motivated, while also running households, home schooling children, and trying to maintain our mental health.

We invite women in the c-suite of the built environment to share ideas, challenges and solutions to current issues.

Sponsored by 84 Lumber and the ASAE Foundation