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Resilience Building Coalition Releases Progress Report

Introduces Set of Resilience Principles

The American Institute of Architects (AIA), National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) and 38 other leaders of America’s design and construction industry today released a report on progress made on the resilience front since the Resilience Building Coalition announced the Building Industry Statement on Resilience two years ago.

The Resilience Building Coalition also released a set of guiding principles to help the building industry adopt resilient design and policies. These include developing and advocating for codes and policies that advance resilience; developing “whole-systems resilient design” approaches for the built environment; and providing guidance, beyond the baseline life-safety codes, that recognizes the importance of fortifying property for individual and community resilience. Since the initial signing, the Coalition has added 19 new signatories (a complete list is available at the end of this release).

The report includes results from a survey of signatories about how their work has been impacted by the Building Industry Statement on Resilience. Among the survey’s major findings:

The Coalition report, Preparing to Thrive: The Building Industry Statement on Resilience, is an outgrowth of a landmark agreement made in May 2014, in which leaders of America’s design and construction industry agreed to promote resilience in contemporary planning, building materials, design, construction and operational techniques as the solution for making the nation’s aging infrastructure more safe and secure.

“It is an especially opportune time that today, the very day the White House held a Conference on Building Code Resilience, is the day that we are releasing this report,” said National Institute of Building Sciences President Henry L. Green, Hon. AIA. “Improving the nation’s resilience requires the commitment of the U.S. building industry, the federal government and the nation’s communities. I am proud to see the organizational progress the members of the Building Resilience Coalition have made in just two years. Yet, it is imperative for the safety of the nation’s citizens that we continue to stay the course to reach critical resilience goals.”

The list of organizations who have signed the joint statement on resilience is as follows (new organizations are marked with an asterisk):

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